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I live in New York and was victim to price gauging for mask for trying to protect myself from Coronavirus. I refuse to be a victim for such basic right. I wanted to do what I can to help my family, friends, and hopefully others.
Prior to return to the US, I had spent over 3.5 years in China. Through my connections, I sampled and tested over 20 masks from different factories to find high quality protective masks at affordable price.

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There is no shortage of negative news these days. onSaleMask believe that if each of us do what we can, TOGETHER we will come back better and stronger. To that end, we are donating a mask for every five masks sold. 

I really wish there is more we can do, but we want to make our mask as affordable as we can while maintaining quality. If you know any organization that need mask, please contact us.  Priority is given to first responders. Thank you.

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